Sayt rivoji uchun bu yerga bosib qo'ying!

Part 1⃣

? What is your full name?
? Can I see your ID?
? Where are you from?
? Where do you live now?
? Do you work or study?
? Do you like singing?
? What kind of singers do you like? Why?
? Do people like to sing in your hometown?
? Describe the transportation system in the area where you are presently living.
? Do you use it a lot? Why?

Part 2⃣

Describe a wedding that you attended recently.

? Whose wedding it was
? Who attended the wedding
? What you did to make it special

Part 3⃣


? Do you think people should spend a lot of money on weddings? Why?
? Is it common to marry more than once in your country?
? Do you think there is a perfect age for marriage?
? Is it common in your country to marry at the age of 40 or 50?
? Do people prefer to marry at this age in your country

A Friendly Reminder ?

Try to speak at least more than the examiner. If you are asked a question using one sentence, respond with two or more. And never give short, uncommunicative replies, Typically, you will be asked about everyday topics, such as work, studies, sport, family and so on. So you should try answering IELTS Speaking questions before the exam. You will be surprised how simple they are! You just need to learn appropriate vocabulary and understand what answers you will give ?

Note: ?

Record your answers in order to check your pronunciation and work on it, if you made pronuncing errors ?

I hope you are enjoying my posts, So they are so helpful in preparing for the official IELTS test. I believe you guys aslo will take incredibly high score from IELTS! By the way, I always try to send really useful posts to my channel! If you like them, then share them ?

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